Words. Impressive, aren’t they?

With a bit of love and attention, they can make the complex seem clear. You can give them more energy than soda or the impact of a rugby tackle.

I’m Anna Foster. I write smart, single-minded copy. It’s concise, conversational and, most importantly, centred around your brand’s distinct audience.

The aim? To steer your customers towards your business goals and keep them coming back.


I’ve worked in advertising for four years. In London and Melbourne. In big, global agencies and tiny start-ups. I’ve done a few different roles and completed AWARD school last year, but, writing (if you’re listening), it’s always been you. A nagging yearning, tugging at my sleeve, ’til I paid it some attention.

I love being the fresh perspective your brand needs. It’s hard to see the big picture when you’re in the eye of the storm, so it’s my job to ask the questions that might’ve been overlooked.

I can build a distinctive, professional voice that will feel like the last piece of the puzzle. I can make every bit of copy work harder for your brand, whether it’s your website, brochures, in-store collateral or blog pieces. If you’re not sure where to start, I can help with that too.


I’m either delivering veggies on my bike for The Community Grocer, getting tangled in yoga or trying to decide on a pizza topping.