Compare Notes

what is this? 

Life is a chaotic mix of the mundane and the profound. It’s remembering to buy toilet paper and falling in love. Confronting your fears and watering plants. Getting through the day and feeling the full force of life.

Compare Notes is a project about people and thoughts. Anonymously we share the notes from our phone. And maybe we feel a little more in common with everyone around us.

Since we carry our phones with us everywhere we go, our Notes are often this unfiltered look at life. For exactly how messy and raw and beautiful it can be.

If you like it, please think about joining in. You sharing keeps this thing going!

HOW TO send notes:

  1. Pick a few notes you’d be happy to share. Perhaps a mix of mundane & less so - shopping lists, letters, lyrics. But really, whatever goes.

  2. Drag the note down (almost like you’re refreshing the page). This displays the date at the top. Careful not to edit the note as this changes the date. This might be different on Android, sorry.

  3. Send it! Either DM the Instagram page directly or send via WeTransfer to keep it fully anonymous. On WeTransfer put in the recipient box and a dummy email in as the sender (eg