How I Work

No two copywriting projects are the same, but I’ve found the below process works well for most. If you’re an agency though, hop on over to the contact page.

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Make contact

Call, email or use this form to get the ball rolling. I’ll ask a few questions to get top line details of what you’re after. This helps me get an accurate idea of costs.

The kind of things I need to know are:

  • What does your business do?

  • What kind of copy do you need and roughly how long? Is it a website, blog piece, brochure, email…

  • Why are you doing it?

  • Who are we speaking to?

  • What’s the deadline?



I’ll come back to you with costs and timings. I can usually deliver most projects within two weeks. The proposal is where you can check I’ve covered all the deliverables you need. It’s important to get this right, so the scope of the job is reflected in the quote. Once signed and approved, I’ll invoice for 50% upfront.


A deeper dive

The best copy starts with a detailed brief - you’re free to arrange this at a time that suits you. I’ll want to find out the business background, the benefits that make your business better than any other and the competitors we want to beat. It’s also my job to ask the questions you might’ve forgotten. I’ll have the fresher perspective it’s hard to keep when you’re immersed in your business. I’ll send you questions ahead of time, then we’ll run through a briefing. If you’ve had a think beforehand, this usually takes just half an hour. I’ve found it works well over the phone, but we can also arrange a face to face meeting if you’d prefer.


And just like that...

Before you know it, you’ll have your first draft. I’ll send this over as a Word document, then I’ll ask you to track changes or make comments (I can send you a video tutorial on how to do this if you haven’t before). My proposal will include two rounds of amends. Guidelines of when I’ll expect this will be in the timeline. Anything additional can be charged at an hourly rate.

Once everything’s signed off I’ll send my final invoice. My payment terms are 14 days. Then it’s sayonara until the next time.